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Thanks to all who are praying for my son and others.

I am as patriotic as is possible. I would never speak out against war when our nation's interests are threatened, even indirectly. My son's stories, however, have really caused a lot of mental frustration on my part. There has to be an easier way to accomplish what his unit is doing there. They basically make rounds to each of the police stations, taking them supplies and messages, on some routine basis. This sounds harmless except for the fact that these behemoths that they drive (Maxx-Pro MRAPS) cannot navigate the city streets without completely disrupting the normal traffic. Because of their turn radius, they must often travel in the opposite-direction lanes to enter the winding barrier-lined paths to the stations. Everyone who is stuck in the mile-long traffic jams is mad at these troublesome Americans! (who wouldn't be?)

I asked him why the Iraqi police could not come to some central area and get their own supplies. Let them be the ones that make the commuters mad.

Now, as of June 30th, there will be no more combat patrols, keeping the routes clear for the convoys. It will be up to the convoys themselves to watch out for the bad guys.

Tony, a guerrilla war might be the trick, but right now it is being run by monkeys!