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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post
I have been sick with the flu for about a week. it turns out H1N1 is here and affecting many people. I have made it through the crucial time. My respiratory is not doing well but it seems it wont develop into pneumonia at this time.

the secret is the day you get it find a good cough and cold medication with an antihistamine, keep from breathing cool or cold air. (I kept a hanky over my face as I slept or lay down. I ate very little solid food (if you do you will just toss it up anyway. drink and eat liquids, jello or nothing this will keep you from dehydrating. and then pray and sweat it out. my fever average was 101-104 for most of the time. Only today has my fever lowered but only to 100.

we stocked up on medication for everyone here as they begin to show signs. funny thing though not everybody exposed to it is getting it. there are four confirmed cases including mine. I am still fighting it.

so keep our household and church members up in prayer. I preached Sunday from a scant outline (i couldn't think much). It went well despite my being very sick. He was strong and I was weak.

Bro Chette, I'm praying for you! That doesn't sound like fun at all!!! I'll pray for your church members as well. I hope you're feeling stronger and better soon!