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Originally Posted by bibleprotector View Post
Much of the words in the above post seem to come from the American Revisers of circa 1850. If they had really believed what they had written (which here is very good), they would have been much more cautious than to attempt a wholesale "revision" of the King James Bible.

The modern "editors" of the King James Bible might claim to be "faithful" to the translators, but they are no way near them. That is why we should stay with what we have, rather than opening the door for any changes to what we have now received. Even the most minor adjustments to spelling must be contemned.

Even the relatively “good” translators of today, like Gomez with his Spanish, are insignificant in every respect in comparison to the men and work of 1604–1611.
You don't have to convince me brother. I am just trying to give honour where it is due. This alone was my simple intention for this post.

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