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Default Prayer request for our mission work in Palawan Philippines


As some of you know we have three children now. no longer can I get them around on a motorcycle. so we have been exploring options and see the lack of public transportation and unsafe local vehicles. we were able to find a vehicle to buy. We have no money as of the moment.

but a couple from SIL (Summer School of Linguistics) are finished with heir work her and are returning to civilian life. They have a Toyota Pajaro it is a very safe vehicle and unlike most vehicles here it was imported from Japan after it had been imported from the States. So this vehicle is up to the Safety standards of the US. Vehicles here hold the resale value very well. they are asking $9,000 for the vehicle of course the money they get will be used to resettle into civilian life either in Singapore or the US.

Please pray for Gods provision this vehicle is perfect for us. it will last many years and if taken care of properly we can resell it ten years from now for near the same price we are paying. they are missionaries if we get close to the amount say $7,000 I am sure they would let us have the vehicle. see attached picture.

Please pray for brother Dennis, he has an old injury from many years ago and it has festered up and infected, though we are treating it with Antibiotics he needs an operation. the operation will cost around $1,000. Dennis has been faithful in the youth ministry for the last three years. the young people love him and respect him. Dennis fish pond is completed and fixed since the last extreme High tide so we plan on helping him to purchase 1000 pieces of Milk Fish for his pond. pray it goes full term and he can make some money for his family.

Pray for Nick Fararez a member of our church traveling mercies as they travel to Mindanao for a visit with his wife's family. also for the expansion of the Tribal Ministry. as we have shown interest in helping and in prayer for that ministry he was given 3 more hectares (8.5 acres) of Rice farm land for that ministry. PTL!!! a small church in Kauai Hawaii is sending well needed clothing items for the 200 misplaced tribal families. So far Nick gave 3 hectares to them for a village and 3 more was given for rice farm, there is also 7 hectares being used for Palm oil production, Banana's, Coffee and other fruit trees to help support tribal livelihood. we are making a trip as a church in July to visit the tribal people and to bless them. Nick will also be teaching at our church one Sunday a month starting in July.

Pray for Dorothy to get ahead in her school work so that when we return in 2010 for furlough she can skip a year by being ahead in her PACE program.

We put a coat of primer paint on our church vehicle and it has been used to pick up young people on Friday nights for Youth Nite. we are over flowing in attendance and will need more chairs and to pull the back wall back by 10 feet or so to make more room. weekly attendance is also up at this time and we expect it to grow more. we are almost finished paying off the church vehicle. We have been paying for it out of our personal support. but this vehicle will serve the church for many years we are one of very few churches who have vehicles to help fetch the members. remember with the sky rocketing prices and no wage increase many are opting to spend their money on their immediate needs and not on fare to go to church. this is where the vehicle is doing it's ministry.

We need to relocate the church to the highway the only issue is available property and it is very expensive. we did find a 800 mete lot for $20 per sq meter that is $16,000. just to give you an Idea of the cost but that lot is located on the north highway far from our house. we prefer the south highway which is nearer.

Pray for our safety as we travel to and from the downtown. also for Gods provision to finish our house. I did add some plumbing and hopefully by the time pastor Troy visits I will have a functioning upstairs bath for him complete with Hot and cold shower, and a toilet that flushes with a handle not a ladle.

God bless you all and thanks for all your help, support and prayer.

Love ya all and regards to each one of you.

your fellow servants,

Chette and Tata

if anyone is interested in finacial support you can send it to
Calvary Chapel Lynchburg
742 Leesville Rd
Lynchburg VA 4506

if interested in sending clothing and other goods for missions please contact me via private messaging and I will get you info on how to send goods directly with less no hassles.

or contact me via email at