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I have long thought that it would be a good idea to bring together men who have completely and vocally stood on the perfection of the KJB to establish a standard from which churches who sought to answer questions on the issue but were without the necessary leadership, or whose leaders were limited in their exposure to the issue could draw information.

There are true KJBO leaders throughout the faithful who are not generally known as famous names, but have the knowledge to establish a "clearing-house" for seekers of the truth. The sad problem with bringing together well-known people is often there is a clash for position. If the leaders were all of some equal footing, that is, none carried widely recognized names, then perhaps the "pride" of popularity might be diminished.

I have often mused that if there could be a "summit" of such men known here, and others who don't post here but carry the torch of faithfulness, then perhaps the mutual knowledge could develop into a basis for the defense of the supremacy of the KJB. So much time is spent repeating arguments in areas of contention, such as "strain at" vs "strain out", "Easter", number variations, etc. It would be very beneficial if a central database could be established of the Biblical answers to these challenges. Many books have been written, but often differences in explanation lead to confusion.

The so-called "KJB Summit" addressed in this thread did not reach the goal.

Is this too much of a dream to be a reality?