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Originally Posted by Brother Tim View Post
Standard rules of Biblical English.

Not standard rules of modern English, or even 17th century English.

GT, thanks for the question!! It exposed a wonderful little secret signal about Melchisedec (thanks to Matthew's response) that I had never noticed. I had simply assumed if the name "King David" were in the Scriptures, then it would be capitalized based on the standard rules of English regarding titles. This was not so. Wow!
When people try and point out "inconsistencies" in KJB grammar, the problem is that they don't understand the Bible English rules. Bible English actually makes sense, and it is (probably) always more involved than the simplistic modernist view makes out. (Which is why the modernist misses so much, and why there is a complete lack of "divinity in the details" of modern versions.

Very soon I will have a small booklet dealing with the exactness of Biblical English on my website. It is about these kinds of truths I call "glistering truths".

Updaters and "correctors" will say, "glistering", that's obsolete, that's archaic, that's nonsensical to the modern ear. But the very truth, the very exactness of God's Word in English, is given using exactly these things.

That is why "thees" and "thous" and capitals and lowercases and all such spelling issues should be retained and kept now as they have been received out of the proper KJB tradition.

There is absolutely no need to change perfection of the Word.