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Another question (yea, I am filled with them), from what I have seen & read of these articles concerning the reality of hell, since tormented souls are already directly below us, even now - does that mean that the fallen angels are there too? In other words, are the fallen angels confined to hell or do they have free liberty to move back & forth to the surface since the Holy Bible mentions that they, though fallen, as still made of spirit & not flesh?

Right now, I'm listening to Revelation 9 concerning the 5th trumpet. The bottomless pit opens & the locusts are unleashed to torment those that have not the seal of God 5 months; the connection of hell & bottomless pit match, but if that be the case, then the locusts would be the fallen angels set loose? But if that be true, then it would mean that they were bound since it took a heavenly angel with a key to unleash them? It is written that hell is prepared for the devil & his angels, so they would be one & the same.......Well, any insight concerning this is greatly appreciated, thanks --