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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
I have great respect for the likes of Ironside which you linked in another thread, Bro. Parrish.
Great, I hope you benefit.
There is actually an entire book at that link, with several chapters on the errors of the Hyperdispensational doctrine.

Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
I'll be studying this, but I have to say that the arrogance, hostility and condemnation has not exactly been coming from Tonybones' corner.
LOL, condemnation? Well certainly that sounds like a "condemnation" of ME
on your part, sister. Have you been attending Chette's royal college of hypocrisy?

YES, I condemn false teaching. I also make a lot of encouraging and positive remarks here, but I will condemn false teaching. That is scriptural. If Ultras and Hypers don't want negative comments about their doctrinal errors and cheap stabs at Baptist preachers, then let them post their ideas on a private forum where no one can say a word. But I rarely make personal attacks or judgments about the people here, and I try not to call them "chickens or neanderthals" either.

Look, I made ONE POST ON THIS THREAD, and it was to Winman.
If that constitutes arrogance, hostility and condemnation, perhaps the eggshells are getting too thin around here. Meanwhile Jennifer, while you have been over here judging me, Tony and I have been sharing hobbies over on another thread. So please don't ASSUME we are mortal enemies simply because we see the ordinance of believer's baptism differently. Besides, anyone who loves Apple computers can't be all bad.

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