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Originally Posted by tonybones2112 View Post
We were prevented bodily from getting within proximity of Dr. Ruckman by "Dr." Estep and two young men who were bodybuilders, Ruckman's bodyguards. When I made the statement to the men and women with me that let's not waste anymore time and head for the street ministry, one of the young men made an obscene remark I won;t repeat for the sake of the women in this forum. I won't repeat it for the sake of the men, either.
This is so weird,

there was a poster last year who had made this exact same claim and stated the same story almost word for word.

I think that poster was banned for either being a sophist arguer or a Bible corrector.

or was it "Just a Thought" who shared that same story?

Does any one else remember who it was who shared that same story. the other poster I think posted the comment the Bodybuilder made though.

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