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Thank you very much for that helpful overview. I want to read Burgon's view so will look for that book.

Do you think I'm right or wrong that many church leaders have not understood that the new versions are based on a different set of manuscripts? It really bothers me that the likes of Spurgeon and Tozer and Ravenhill, and I think also Lloyd-Jones but I'm not sure, apparently accepted the new versions.

For the other point, I'll just say that I've read that argument about the finality of the KJV making it superior to the Greek texts over and over at this site, and tried to accept it and just can't. I still hold that it is perfect in itself but for a time when English was different than it is now, and now we need some (very minimal) updating done also by an authorized group. I still can't see it any other way. (I know of too many people who simply misread it because they read contemporary meanings into old words that look the same but aren't, solid believers, and KJV-onlyers.)

Anyway, thanks again.