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Hi Folks,

Originally Posted by Brother Tim
Though my intellect and my natural desire to win a debate agree with Steven, my experience and my spirit agree with KJVisit.
Usually when you discuss these issues it is not so much for the protagonist themselves, who are somewhat calloused in opposition and mired in confusion. It is more for the outside reader, observer, the interested and seeking party who is researching and listening to all sides.

As for kjvisit questioning the term used here :

"It can be a stinging rebuke to the Bible correctors when they are shown to be totally in fabrication-land in their accusations"

I hope Marty Shue would not mind my giving his article on Cyprian and the Johannine Comma, disassembling the confusions and maneuvers of one Daniel Wallace, as a good example. And if the word "stinging rebuke" sounds unnecessarily combative and harsh, how about

"informative and educational sharing".