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Streetpreaching about Evolution has one of two responses.

1) You get hecklers, and you get them in droves. People will stand there and debate you on evolution for as long as you will preach, and more often than not, they will have the crowd on their side. Unless you know how to direct a debate away from psuedo-science, and from endless debate where one person gives their evidence, and then the other gives theirs, and neither rebuts each other, then you are best to avoid it altogether.

2) You will have people completely ignore you. Having people ignore you is not the aim of streetpreaching. You want people to react. You want them to either get mad, and heckle you, and draw a crowd, or you want them to stop and listen.

If you can get the hecklers, you will more often than not get the crowd. But you need to be able to control the hecklers.

One time, when my Brother (In Christ), Damien and I were streetpreaching in sydney, there was this one devil possessed guy who had answers to everything we said, and could actually scream louder than our megaphone (which was pretty powerful). We started to fear for our safety, and other peoples too, as he started to get quite aggressive, so we just swallowed "pride" and left.

Everyone clapped. Oh well. At least they did hear the gospel