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Bro. Parrish
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Tony, you were talking about the shoulderblade of the Buffalo,
now I have to tell you a story about a Buffalo...

Years ago I went out to the Northwest to visit my brother, and he took us to this little animal park. The park had a little tram that went around the place, kinda like the one at Disney World, and they would carry passengers on this little wildlife safari, but it was mostly North American animals; bald eagles, deer and so forth.

Well we got out in this open area and we see this big old Buffalo up on a grassy hill. Now I was raised on a farm so I am used to cows and bulls, but this guy was big. All of a sudden here comes this buffalo after us. I'll tell you at first I thought he was looking for a feed, but we soon realized maybe this guy was MAD, because he is CHARGING AT US and I thought he was going to ram us. I was expecting something like a scene out of Mel Gibson's Road Warrior. People started moving to the other side of the tram, this thing gets right up to the side of the tram and puts the brakes on, it was HUGE and just staring at us. Now that I look back, I think maybe the goofy Buffalo was just playing a game, but the women on the tram started screaming and my brother and I were laughing like crazy... finally he settled down, which made everyone happy and off we went. The whole thing only lasted for a few seconds, and I'm sure over the years my memory has made it more than it was, but I to this day have a lot more respect for the American Buffalo.