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Maybe it would help us more if you would share something about yourself, your testimony. things like: are you a member of a denomination or independent? are you serving the Lord full time in ministry? what type of job you have? are you married? divorced? widowed? are you male or female? have you been to Bible college? are you a high school graduate?n Where when and how did you get saved?

you see, you have posted 427 post (to the time of this post) since you came on board here in late December and you have not shared anything about yourself to us here at AV1611 forums. I as some don't go to other forums where maybe you have shared some details of your personal life. And as a matter of fact this is the only forum I am active in because I am in good company with men of like minds like George and Brandon, Sammy and Steve, and Forrest. all of these men have at one time or another given some testimony of their lives and we can know them better by that.

but your post and profile shows nothing about yourself except for the fact you like to disagree and argue. so how about starting a thread in general chit chat and give us a taste of who Winman is?