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this is an explanation from Ole Madsen. I quote him because I couldn't make it any clearer on these verses.

"Compare the phrase "the heavens and earth, which are now" to the phrase the "heavens were of old":

When Noah's flood happened did it change anything in the upper heavens (above Earth's atmosphere)? Were there changes made to the sun, moon, or stars? The answer is NO. The heavens that were already ordained and up in the sky during Adam's day are the very same heavens that were there for Noah and his sons after the flood. And those same heavens are still there today.

FACT: The flood had no effect on the heavens. All flood effects were confined to the Earth's surface and atmosphere.

Again, note the contrasting comparison between the phrases the "heavens were of old" (before the waters) and the "heavens and earth which are now" (after the waters). If Noah's flood did not alter the heavens, why does the passage clearly speak of former heavens "of old" and different heavens afterwards. This can not be an accurate reference to Noah's flood, but it could be a reference to a reconstruction of all things; a reconstruction that happened during the seven days. "

Mind you I do not agree with all of Ole's view but this interpretation is pretty accurate. I just don't call the 6 day creation a reconstruction as I believe it was a new form and creation not wholly something left over.