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After I posted what i posted yesterday, I got to thinking about it. So, last night, as I was driving him home, talking about the Iraq War and the Muslims... When the topic of "convert or die" came up, he said something to the effect of, "Mabe that what we should do" and I said NO! I explained that I do not want anyone, including the terrorists bent on ending my life, to go to Hell. I told him about the wrath of God that is on all of us unless we're truly saved and that this is why I have gospel tracts on me, because I do not want anyone to go there. We're all deserving of it. The only way to escape is by trusting in what Jesus had done for us, and he said he did that, so, even if he mention the line "asking Jesus into his heart" which I know is not scriptural, but he told me he had called on the name of the Lord last night, so... I leave it to God and maybe the Holy Spirit could convict him of some things just as had happened with me over the years and is still continually happening...