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Diligent, I agree with you that music or playing violent video games has nothing to do with salvation and, praise the Lord, we cannot lose our salvation even if I was to go right back to smoking and drinking. If someone outside my family came up to me and say he's saved, I'd say amen even if he was to be wearing a marylin manson t-shirt. But this is a family member, thus my heart gets more concerned about the genuinity of his salvation. I've never heard him say "Lord Jesus Christ" or that he trust in the blood of Jesus or say that called on the name of Lord and got saved. It's more of, "It's a feeling I have..." Then it's "I don't think God will smite you for (insert obvious sins here such as lying, stealing, pornography, or whatever..)" It's just their witnessing and they seem so stagnant in their growth and, since they're family, I am concerned if they just went for easy believism or if thay had genuinely trusted in the Saviour. If he told me he trusted in the blood of Jesus as the Only Way to Heaven, then I would leave it alone...

As far as listening to music and playing violent video games go, I have a personal experience to share. I did dabble in them for a time after I got saved. (I even had a stash of pornography in my closet...) I was just starting to get into the Word... the main Bible I read the first year I got saved was the KJV, with NIV on the side that was giving to me by my aunt... Then after awhile, I just got to thinking, God would not be pleased with any of this, my smoking habit went first through prayer, and then I stoped playing the video games because it does feel like I am doing the deed of killing and don't want to do anything that simulate all that blood and gore and the porno went out of my closet... The music was another matter, but over the past three years I just want to hear it less and less, especially those that makes a mockery of my faith or, even worse, making a mockery of Christ sacrifice, which like "Chop Suey" by System of a Down would...

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