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Oh, I am so sorry Manny, I spelled your name wrong!
Please forgive me!
No problem.

I know a lady who had an abortion but later got saved and repented of it. It took forever for this lady to forgive herself, even after getting saved and knowing that her sins were under the blood. After being born again, it was a long time before this lady could be convinced that it was OK to have a baby. Due to demoralizing guilt, she would punish herself mentally by convincing herself that she wasn't worthy to ever have a child again. Fortunately, after several years of our church praying for her and counseling her, she finally decided to become a mother. God blessed her and her husband with a beautiful child.

People don't realize the psycological effects that abortion has on women later on in their lives. That is how wicked Satan, the god of this world, is. He hates life, especially human life because it is created in the image of God. So he inspires this world system to push abortion. The devil knows that abortion produces several results in favor of his cause against God. It destroys a life that could have brought glory to God. And it causes the woman to have to deal with the aftermath of an abortion by either searing her conscience as to the severity of her sin or bringing upon her a demoralizing guilt that she will have to live with for the rest of her life that may even hinder her from trying to live for God should she ever repent of her sin.