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Hi All!
Mandy Rodriquez...your comment about abortion. The next morning after Sarah Palin spoke, Fox and Friends had a woman speaking about abortion and was very upset with Sarah Palin's view---and she mentioned the "rape" victims.
A short while later, I realized that our society ever more speaks of repaying evil for evil.
No one on television ever tells a woman any more that a child is a gift from God.
For a child is a gift from God.

In a sense it seems that when a child is in the womb, a woman is always in a state of inconvenience. With this attitude, I heard that the only chance people have of talking a woman bent on having an abortion out of it, is to tell her that they will literally cut a piece of uterus out, which is true. This is the only thing I heard that may cause a woman to rethink the abortion is when it comes to her own health. But even more, a woman does not realize that it was God Who gave "her" a child, not some tissue to dispose of based on convenience or whatever.

Abortion has got to be one of the highest forms of idolatry ever devised.
And what is idolatry...anything that is about self pleasing.
How different is it really from Chemosh/Moab god where they threw babies on a burning altar to have better crops...we shake our heads, and wonder how did they get there?
It is all about self-pleasing.

I look at the Old Testament, and when did God's cup get full and judgment and punishment happen back then...I believe it pertained when the children and the innocent were slaughtered, that I believe is when the cup got full.

I am rambling. But it is just so heartbreaking to see how woman are so victimized by the teachings of our society, to view their own baby as trash for the Dumpster.