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A marriage is a blessed and sacred vow in many peoples life. God teachs us that the male is going to be responsible for the choice made in marriage. I find my wifes discussion with me helps me tremendiously in making a Godly dicision. Remain true to your husbands decision knowing there will be room for discussions that you may be able to influence him toward a choice that God would approve of and that he will be happy for someday. Even though this is a hard time remember that if you are in Gods will he has you in a place where He feels He can work through you. Let God and His Word able to work through you while discussing these hot topics among many who claim to "follow Christ" with any doctrine that comes along. I know of many wives whos husbands even forbid them go to church. After many years of prayer it was a miracle to have them in church, the husband made Christ his Savior, was baptized, and they became members as a couple. God does work although many times we may not see the fruit right away. Find comfort you have a husband open to the leqding of the Holy Spirit and allow His ministry to work through you. God will bless the meek.