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Hi everyone! I'm new to the site, looks wonderful by the way! I'm an avid supporter of the KJV and my faith has been strengthened after I left Liberty University for the lack of standing on any bible(wish it was the KJV, howbeit, any version I could have "stomached") I love the language of the King James Bible and love the article written by Daryl Coates(I plan on reading a lot more articles later!) I'm going to church ran bible institute for a Bachelor in Bible from West Tennesee Bible Institute, its a KJV only place! It scares me after I had a "textbook" from Liberty on "How to Read the Bible" it was ludacrious by trying to spout doctrine from 20(something), I counted at one time, VERSIONS(not one a KJV mind you unless it was anti-KJV). I kept getting almost naseous everytime I logged on knowing that what I was reading (while some things could have been true, I knew that I didn't share their doctorine and felt like I was cheating myself and God). I withdrawaled this week and have applied to a state school for a B.A in English. Anyways, I thought I'd give a welcome(sorry it was this long!), and blessings to everyone!