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Lively Stone
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Bro. Brandon

You seem to make statements designed specifically to put me on the defensive. Here you've alluded to my forum handle (Diligent) and then imply it has something to do with modern versions. I know the verse and the modern corruption of it to which you refer, but my KJV has the word "diligent" in 14 verses.

Excuse me. Are we getting paranoid now? I really like to use proper names when addressing a brother or sister in the Lord.
When did I ever call you Dilligent. I always called you respectfully Bro. Brandon. Now I can't use dictionary words without repercussion. I didn't know that you would be so sensitive and defensive about every word I say.

Perhaps that was your first problem -- you viewed me as attacking your work, when I was doing nothing of the sort.
Well lets see now. You didn't read the material and see it in its proper context and started making statements and quotes that had nothing to do with my thesis or what I said. I believe any rational person would call that an attack whether deliberate or otherwise. Sorry, brother if I say things that bother you but I will defend myself and my position.

But don't lace your encouragement with such vitriol.
I don't believe that what I said at all rises to the occasion of your statement that you accuse me of. Pehaps you are being a jackpudding about this whole matter.

Bro. Danny