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Default Call to Preach

Well, thanks for the encouragement Stephanos. Since you are so intelligent please enlighten me on how you take 1Cor 9:17! Oh, and also while you're at it, please enlighten us all on 1John 2:27. Oh, last thing, how old was John ("in the lord")? Thank you PB for clearing that up with Stephanos. Trust me Stephanos, I have the fear of GOD in me and I would have NEVER announced a call like that, unless I knew for sure it was of the Lord. I read the requirements that were laid out, I know I need to study to show myself approved, I know I am a novice, that's why I didn't say I was going to be a pastor. I love you in the Lord, brother, but I do NOT need man to teach me ANYTHING! I've got the greatest teacher of all. I am studying to show myself approved unto GOD, not of man. Oh, and by the way, I was born again barely 4 months ago. Hear me well, I AM CALLED TO DO THE WORK OF AN EVANGELIST by my heavenly father. I didn't seek this, I WAS CALLED/CHOSEN by GOD. Please give me 1 verse of scripture giving a time frame from when you were saved to when you can be an evangelist. Please read 1John 2:27 for me. Seems to me your more worried about man's qualifications than God's. Are you Southern Baptist? LOL. I'm only joking. I'm a BAPTIST myself. Just thought I'd try to lighten the mood.