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Originally Posted by biblereader View Post
Can any of you recommend any good audiobooks, or regular books, that will give me an unbiased history of the Puritans, their lives, customs, and all that?
Plus, a book about Oliver Cromwell.

Anybody know any titles, have read any books about these topics?

Hello Biblereader. Yep. There are some titles and a couple of websites that will be helpful to you. or add the word "puritanism"

"A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life. by J.I. Packer Crossway Books

"A Puritan Golden Treasury of Quotations". by I.D.E. Thomas Banner of Truth Trust

"The Genius of Puritanism" by Peter Lewis Reformation Heritage Books

"Meet the Puritans": With a guide to Modern Reprints. by Joel R. Beeke, Randall Pederson Reformation Heritage Books

"Worship of the American Puritans" by Horton Davies and "Worship of the English Puritans" by Horton Davies Soli Deo Gloria Books { btw- the title doesn't mean that the Puritans should be worshiped... had to stipulate that... never know who might misread the posts on a website.}

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Per Oliver Cromwell --- you might want to look at this website: They list some titles and they also have some bigraphical information, and historical information.

If you read stuff by Roman Catholic historians or secularists/God-haters/ and any relatives/pals of King Charles 1st of England... it will be slanted against Oliver Cromwell and the Army of Parliament. Cromwell was a Protestant-Puritan-Christian and was a member of The House of Commons of Parliament ( the forerunner to our U.S. Congress ) , and did not like the pro French/pro Roman Catholic leanings of King Charles.

That was the time of the English Civil War. Puritan Theologian John Owen served as Cromwell's Chaplain. John Bunyan, the writer of Pilgrim's Progress and The Holy War, and several other titles, served in the Parliamentary Army. They won and eventually King Charles was put on Trial and found guilty. He was executed. Rather than have one of Charles' relatives take the throne (and be advised by the same Romish-Papist-Jesuit types ) , Oliver Cromwell took the Title of "Lord Protector" and governed with the help of Parliament for about 20 years. Cromwell also led a expedition into Ireland to round up Roman Catholic rebels.

So to answer your question... or at least point you in the correct way... Cromwell was disliked by the Papists/Jesuits of his day and age and he is disliked and disparaged by the lefto-socialist/atheist-communists of this day. Why ? Because he stood for God and the Bible against bad rulers and bad religion. He held , and much of the then sitting Parliament (Commons) held to the idea that Christians should be involved in governing the country, because Christ told his followers to be "Salt and Light". That idea gives shivers to the secularists and humanists and the marxists and atheists in the media and academia.

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