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Default Hypnosis and False Memory

I was listening to Dave Hunt on a radio program talking about how people can have false memories put in their brain during hypnosis, and that these are indistinguishable from real memories. Several states have outlawed court testimony from people who have had hypnosis after finding false accusations resulting from hypnotically implanted false memories. Apparently being in an altered state of consciousness opens the door for spirits to access our brains. One point he made was that once a person has had hypnosis, that person's memory is unreliable, no way to know if memories are real or not. This would make it impossible to learn from past experiences which I think is a necessary part of being a Christian.
It seems that psychological drugs could have the same effect; a good reason to never consent to either hypnosis or psychological drugs.
Watching reports of our government pushing the same economical policies that extended the great depression by 7 years, I wonder if the leaders of the country haven't either lost memory or had a false memory inserted.