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Originally Posted by Diligent View Post
As for this parallel means of study -- how is this helpful, for example, on the last twelve verses of Mark or 1Ti 3:16? Most modern versions will either remove the last twelve verses of Mark or say that nobody knows the correct ending. Here's a passage with no parallel elsewhere in Scripture. How does it bolster your faith to be told those verses may not even belong in the Bible? And how does the corrupt critical reading of 1Ti 3:16 ("He who" instead of "God") make it easier to understand the verse?
I did not know that at all, so I opened QuickVerse and I just looked at a parallel view of KJV, ESV, NKJV and GWT at the last verses of Mark and I see all up to vs20 in all versions, do I don't see what you say is missing.

I do see the subtle difference with the word He compared to the word God in 1Ti 3:16 but in each version I look at the whole sentence and understand He to mean God, because I'm looking and reading the whole sentence, that's not a deal breaker in my basic understanding.

I need better then that to be sold on KJV-only.

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