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Originally Posted by George View Post
Aloha brother Gord,

Now I am going to be real careful here - because I am not out to offend you in any way.

Brother George, I am sorry I am really not HTML savvy, and when I try to respond to you I get lost in hyperlink html hell. All the bolds, quotes, colors take away from my train of thought.

I really wish I could just sit with you over a lemonade and chat and learn.

Please read my responses to Brother Luke, and Diligent, and reread my thoughts to Brother Forest above, as they pretty much answer your questions about my theology. I am sorry if I offended you with the Georgist handle, it was my way of being sarcastic. I have not learned your art of being that literal, or the art or rereading before I post, as I don't have near the experience that you have. I thank you for your patience though.

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