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Originally Posted by Gord View Post

6. If all people of all time have “equal opportunity” to come to the
Lord through God’s prevenient grace and their own free will, why
is it that salvation is not more evenly dispersed?

In other words God elected those for his glory and that is His Grace.

This is so clear to me, I hope this explains why I think and see this.
Are you serious? Where does the Bible teach God desires equal and fair distribution of salvation?

You asked..."why is it that salvation is not more evenly dispersed?" Gord, where does the Bible ever teach that salvation will be evenly disbursed?

Anyone and all who believe are saved. Salvation is offered to all, but all do not Brother George's thread. He has already covered that truth thoroughly with precise, clear, easy to understand scripture. This is so basic.

I clearly see, discern, and perceive that you are ensnared with the erroneous teaching of men (who fail to use the Bible as their authority) and that you are not set free by the unfeigned word of truth. I clearly see, discern, and perceive that you stubbornly and blindly refuse to heed Brother George's counsel to put the books, commentaries, and articles down and prayerfully study the word of God.

I will not repeat the truth that has already thoroughly been provided. I strongly urge you to diligently search the scriptures but fully agree with Brother George, it's difficult to hear God when you are so full of man.