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Alright, brother, you have your opinion, and I have mine. I just think that it would be an excellent example of God's cosmological preference of the earth if we could provide evidence of the earth's stability. One of the biggest attacks on Geocentricity that I've seen was the Creation Technical Journal's Danny Faulkner's article, but Bouw wrote a rebuttal that more or less lays out his whole argument. You could give it a look.

But we are all brothers in Christ, even if some are Gap Theorists, some are Progressive Creationists, some are (God forbid...) Theistic Evolutionists...although we can disagree with these people and have the Bible on our side, we can focus instead on reaching the lost and remember the security of our salvation and be kind to one another. My friend is a Day-Age Creationist (and a former Catholic) but now he is a great Christian. I know he's wrong, but Satan loves it when believers quarrel, because it prevents evangelism. We pass out tracts, we help out in our community, and are great friends. We need to focus on unity in Christ, and not just on scientific and interpretation issues. I've seen too many Churches break up because the preacher became an Old-Earther or an Armenianist or a Calvinist and people who disagreed would just leave. I've been a member of a Church...well, let's just say that I should have left when Jesus did, because He had left a long time ago! And it's always this kind of thing.