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Originally Posted by Bro. Parrish View Post
But we do not need Geocentricity to prove or disprove anything.
We have the inerrant Word of God brother!
Evolutionists will not accept God on the basis of "evidence."
They have a heart problem, not an evidence problem.
But no evolutionist is a Bible-believing Christian, Brother, and if we can show them the scientific case for a Creator, we can then tie in Biblical truths, can we not? We can use science and the signs of the design therein, and then Biblically demonstrate that all signs point to Christ. This is the purpose of Creationist ministries.

Also, Bro., I think you'd be suprised about how well the average scientist is protected from hearing anything about any alternative for evolution. See, Darwinists (firmly) control almost all refereed biological scientific journals, and many of the people at and speak of having their research denied publication for a plethora of reasons. Which leaves places like CMI and AiG to publish their own journals, havens for YECs who wouldn't get published elsewhere, but what does the average scientist do if he picks up a Journal of Creation or an Answers magazine? He dismisses them as "Bible-thumpers" and tosses it in the trash. So it is up to Christians [predominately] to show these Darwinists the truth that they don't here elsewhere. Because they don't see evidence because they're (as well as the entire theory of neo-Darwinism) protected from scientific blows by the establishment; and they deride the Bible, we can lead them to Christ if we show the evidence to them.

Oh, and this is a link to the Geocentricity page: here.