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yeah sprouts in a jar are how I make them

I grew some sunflowers (the big ones for seeds) but if the grasshoppers didn't eat them when they sprouted something in the ground ate their roots. I will try in the growing bed.

The upper tank is a hydro tank for lettuce and the growing beds are just pea gravel you can grow just about anything in it. I saw lots of aquaponic units on the net many of them are hoem made and doing quite well. I like this type of system as you don't need to mix soil, fertilizers, weed, or turn the soil. the grow beds are good for two years or so. the only work after building your system is to keep the pipes clean.

We don't have available here the type of floating foam for growing lettuce in the hydro tank I tried flora foam but it is not good too tight. Travis suggested dixie cups. don't have them but I didn't discover some small plastic type cups at the Medical supply the other day while picking up 4inch gauze and tape for my first aid kit. I will get some and try them with tissue paper for sprouting.