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Default Suplementing the income

Hi all,

You really should stop talking about all that tasty fish. My mouth is watering. On Kauai (Hawaii) we had so many types of fish to choose from, that Talipia was a rubbish fish. Filipinos ate them (that includes me) when they caught them in the rivers. I am not too crazy about the ones available in the stores, they are much too small. I am used to having them with steaks as thick as an inch to an inch and a quarter.

Chette, you make me want to grow lettuce again. Hydro-lettuce is so much sweeter then ground grown lettuce.

A good replacement for lettuce, and it only takes 7 t0 10 days from soaking to harvest, is sunflower sprouts, I don't know how expensive (or if it is even available there) potting soil is but that is the growing medium I used. The soil is reusable if sun dried after it is used, to disinfect it. Another problem might be getting the sunflower seeds.

I know you can get mung beans. Sprouted mung beans (commonly called just bean sprouts) is another fast crop. Sprouts do take a lot of water though. I used black oil sunflour seeds. You can use the one for birds if you wash them before you soak them.