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Originally Posted by melissa b View Post
My husband is in Iraq for one year. He has 2 broken disk in his back not only can he not sit to long but also stand and it seem to be getting worse. He not only one of the older role models for younger troops and recently started a church/bible study for his compound The Army also asked him to volunteer for another year to be served in Afghanistan. My ministry is the prison were I am a Officer I can't teach about Jesus enough or warn how close we are to the second coming in the prisons and to my kids. But at a price of being attacked. My body aces all the time from all my years of having to be physical in the prisons. He has also attacked me through the kids. I have 2 daughters Rhonda 17 and Shelby 15 and my brothers son that has had a hard life Micheal 15 who recently joined are family. I see the effects of Rob my husband being gone rear its ugly head when comes to Rhonda and Shelby. Rhonda is being temped by peers that she is newly meeting. Shelby is newly finally seeking for God to show himself to her and I believe she has a low opinion of herself. I feel so alone and discouraged, and see all the ways The lord would like to use me. Please pray for my family a hedge of protection, growth, and wisdom and strength. please pray for me brother and sisters in Christ. Because I can do nothing with out the lord, and all things with him who strengthens me. Bless you and yours for blessing me and my family.
Greetings Melissa...may not be what you and your husband desire, but I am in agreement with Brother George on this one.

Trying to handle all of the problems that you have spoken about is hard enough for two parents, and nearly impossible for one (especially with "teenagers"). Your husband needs to come home and see to his own family.
Yes, all things are possible through Christ Jesus, but all things are not necessarily probable. I pray He will give you and your husband clear discernment concerning His perfect will.