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Originally Posted by pbiwolski View Post
First, a big problem that I've seen with defending the truth about this issue is that so many (of us) misquote (continuously) their "pet verse" for their defense. Then they (rightly) accuse the cult of the same practice, but they themselves (many on this forum) have been guilty.

Watch closely. Here's everyone's "pull out the sword and slay'em" verses.
A very excellent read...indeed, pbiwolski!

Speaking of JW's...I had a couple knock on my door a few days ago...although we never got as far as soul sleep, Jesus Christ, The ALMIGHTY GOD and Everlasting Father was the topic...unfortunately, they couldn't stick around long...the King James Bible was putting them in a very awkward position...though, I was very kind to them.

I actually think the girl might have been convicted {by the Holy Ghost} of the JW's error...I told her to get a KJB and find the REAL Jesus Christ...pray for her.