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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
I can tell you that Chette is just one more person who doesn't like hearing his own recorded voice. It's not squeaky, he has a good old mid-western accent, I think. (I still have my Oregon accent, if such a thing exists). I LOVE Orange Roughy. It is soooo delicious. I can afford tilapia, so that's what we eat. John loves perch. I get it sometimes for him but I have to smother it with tartar sauce to get it down. I never realized the reason is that it IS bitter.

A couple of years ago we got electrical laid out to two spots in the yard where we plan on haviing a potting shed and a greenhouse. To this day we have wires sticking out of the ground that John has to mow around.

If we ever get them, I might post a video to YouTube.
Sis Jen,

Thanks for cueing me in on brother Chette's voice. I knew he was just being self-defacing and humble. I've been told I have a mid-western accent. To this day, I have no idea what that is! When I could hear, and someone would comment on my "midwest accent" I used to tell everybody - I don't have an accent, YOU have an accent!

When I can afford it, I sometimes will buy a couple of orange roughy fillets for a treat. Tilapia is much easier on the budget though! I have a very easy and delicious "fillet almandine" recipe, if you'd like it sis. Everyone I've made it for has wanted the recipe. And they can't believe that I didn't slave over it for half a day! Shhhhhhhhhhhh our little secret!

I don't even LIKE tartar sauce... so that's not an option for me. I don't like that bitter taste or too "fishy" of a taste. Good grief, in eating fish what kind of a taste do I expect?! LOL I once had delicious GRILLED fish, the smoked taste of it really cuts down on any bitter or "fishy" aftertaste.

There's another member on the forum that has a greenhouse. I won't point out who it is, unless they want to do that themselves, if they read this. You might get some pointers from them in setting up a greenhouse, if they're open to commenting on that topic.