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Originally Posted by George View Post
Aloha sister Jassy,

We no longer live in Hawaii (couldn't afford to stay). I moved to Hawaii in 1968, got married to an Island girl (all of 4" 11" tall - Filipino/Chinese/Spanish) in 1961, and God blessed us with seven wonderful children.

Renee and I have been married for over 48 years now, and I can say this from the bottom of my heart - that in all my life I have never met a woman (no not one) who could come even close to her in her devotion to her children (as a mother), and to me (as my wife). Having said that - she hasn't had many "Chrsitian" women "friends", because most of them have been jealous of her "example" of what a "Christian" woman, wife, and mother should be, and so most have them have avoided her, which has suited us just fine.

Renee and I moved to Oklahoma in December of last year (first time she had ever been to the "mainland" USA, and the first time for me in 50 years).

Hawaii is probably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and the Island of Kauai, the "Garden Island", where we lived for most of that time, is without a doubt, the prettiest of all the Islands, BUT, with the cost of a modest house and about 10,000 square feet of land costing on average $650,000, ordinary folks cannot afford to live there on a modest income.

Perhaps someday, we may have an opportunity to meet you down here - if not, I know that we will meet "UP THERE".

Aloha in Hawaiian is a "greeting" (Hello); and it also means "farewell" (Goodbye); but my favorite of all, is that it also means "LOVE". If you will notice I do not say "Aloha" to everyone, it's a term of "endearment" and not everyone is deserving of a loving greeting!

Aloha nui loa ("with very much love"), from both of us to you. God bless and keep you always, your fellow brother and sister in Christ,

George & Irene Anderson
Aloha Brother George & Sister Renee,

Thank you for your personal history, I've always been very interested in history - whether biblical, world, U.S., local or personal! I think that I acquired that interest in history from my father, who was always fascinated with history, often reading history books or watching historical documentaries on TV.

My brother and his wife have vacationed in Maui. They enjoyed it very much. I think they did some island jumping... to see other parts of Hawaii. He did tell me that prices there are VERY high in Hawaii and that it would be extremely expensive to live there.

A long time ago, I'd been to either Stilwell or Stillwater, OK. I can't remember which now. I visited a college friend there. They look to be about 1 hour and a half to an hour and 40 minutes from Broken Arrow. What I remember most about that city I was in were the many, many oil wells. I've been to around 28 of our 50 states thus far.

I would dearly love to meet you and your wife Renee. I am not the least bit jealous of her example of what a Christian woman should be. I would love to soak up the benefit of her experiences and her example. That opportunity would make me very happy. That's sad, and to their own detriment, that other Christian women would avoid her. Too many throw away the jewels in life - those blessed examples that we are given to grow in grace and knowledge, by learning from an elder with more wisdom. FOOLISH choice!