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Originally Posted by George View Post
Aloha sister Jennifer,

Both you and Jassy are doing a great job in your Posting! If we were not separated by such a distance, it would be a real pleasure for Renee and I to to fellowship with you and brother John and sister Jassy. {Maybe we could learn sign language - she is such a blessed sister in the Lord.}

Please notice another "boo boo" (amongst many) that Amanda made when she said: "If I was involved in a sin that was going to bring down the wrath of God on me or the body of believers I should hope someone would say something to me!"

You might inform her (although it will do little good) that we born again Christians are NOT "appointed" to "God's WRATH", but unto His Salvation!
This is one of those very "BASIC" Scriptural "FACTS" that all Christians with even a modicum of Scriptural knowledge, discernment, and understanding should have. I wonder how Amanda "missed" it and "MISSPOKE" (once again)?
Aloha nui loa, brother George,

You and Renee in Broken Arrow, OK, Jassy in WI, John and I in OH, wouldn't it be nice if we could meet somewhere in the middle (or at any corner) of that triangle someday? The fellowship would be tremendous. What joy! When I told Jassy that I'm not sure how great I would be at sign language, (I'm not overly coordinated), we joked that we could sit together in the living room with our laptops and chat with each other!

I love you all in the Spirit of Christ,