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You make a great point...I am constantly struggling with balance and moderation. It seems as if I am a Mary, I am not a Martha...and if I am a Martha, I am a Mary. And sometimes I'm neither

I have really, really enjoyed the forum and have spent WAY too much time on here lately another sign of my lack of moderation

But I excuse it because it is our summer break and because it's the only thing I do for enjoyment...And I am addicted to reading and studying what my Bible has to say and talking about it!

I have noticed some friends who are soooooo harried and so frazzled that their nerves are stretched to the max. They're always driving their kids to various places for a diversity of sports, music lessons, school activities, and "Christian activities." I wonder how very edifying such activities are, if a person barely has time to devote maybe 15 minutes a day for Bible study?
I agree so much with this statement. Thankfully my husband and I share views on this and have pulled out to a large degree the extra curricular activities that most homeschoolers are involved in. Like you said, it takes away from the important things such as Bible reading, studying and devotions, family time, and church attendance.

I have a blog that I've named Better Is Little - Finding the Joy in Simply Living based on the verse
Pr 15:16 Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith.

It is a goal of ours to live simply in all areas of our life...our activities, our food, our possessions etc. We're not there yet, but always striving for the mark. But even then, with our responsibilities and of our own doing we can complicate things and before we know it we're cumbered about with many things.

PTL for the blessings and special gifts He gives to each of His children.