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Amen...If one has hours to sit and look up every instance the word seek comes up in the Bible, compare Scripture with Scripture then like I said that is far better than any other method.

But as a homeschooling mother of 5, wife, SS teacher, Children's Church teacher, pianist, weekly bulletin and prayer list editor I don't always have the time to stop school for a day to run all the references. Forgive me...?

I am so glad you love getting into the Word of God...I do to, but sometimes we have to eat and I am sure people would be happy if we didn't go around naked because there are no clean clothes
Note what Bro. George said:
the Scriptural "definitions" I gleaned from the Holy Bible in a study that I did on the Biblical "HEART" that took me more than a year to complete.
I am agreeing with George. He did a great study. Amen.

And no, honestly we don't even have an Oxford. My husband has to borrow one from his Dad when he knows he'll be needing it....?
Usually, if I need a definition quickly I ask my husband as he is very capable of defining a word having done what George is teaching for years. We do use the Webster's but it is for school and not Bible study.

If one is well read in their Bible and they DO have the need to turn to the dictionary then I would hope that the Spirit and discernment would alert them to a discrepancy...

You said:
Forgive me, if I'm wrong. If not, then why put it as a first preference for a quick look-up of the meaning of a word? If it's in relation to the Bible - then let's go to the BIBLE and let that define it!
Why have a dictionary you prefer over another? Because as Bro. George said:

And again, when I said: "When it comes to any word in the Bible which has any spiritual significance I do NOT recommend going to Webster's Dictionary. Search out the words (Scripture with Scripture) to find God's definition. When you have determined in your heart, mind, spirit and soul what the meaning is, you might check out Webster's as a comparison - but I recommend that you do not go to Webster's first - it might "influence" your search (without even knowing it.)"
It IS helpful, especially with words that are not of a spiritual significance. And then, when your word study is over, you can go check it out as a comparison.

So, for those words without spiritual significance and words you've defined in Scripture we prefer the Oxford over the Webster's.