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Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post
Poor Jassy. I am sure she did not intend for her thread to morph into what it did!
Sister Amanda,

The above is only a tiny partial quote - but I noticed my name in there.

Within the constraints of the Forum, you have the freedom (remember Christ gives us freedom in GRACE) to morph an original topic into whatever you like or into whatever pleases you or, perhaps, whatever you can find Bible verses to wrap around. It isn't up to me to oversee or rein-in posts to conform to whatever the topic has been. As for whether or not I'll participate in that, well, that's just another freedom (in GRACE) that I have from our Lord, to choose NOT to participate, when I see that it is not edifying to do so. Even so, I'm not going to misuse that grace.

Remember, in Him, there is no CONDEMNATION! (Romans 8:1)

As for "polygamy" and the like, see my post #96 under the original topic of "Acceptable/Unacceptable Reasons for Divorce." As brother George has said, straining at gnats and being legalistic is what you have labored to do. I've had a very different personal experience that gives me a whole lot of insight into this topic as well as what it has morphed into. I do not feel at all needful to go into detail on that, since - from what I see - it would morph into something completely unintended.

I praise the Lord that He has called me out to witness to people that Westernized Christians usually scorn, attack, and/or ostracize. He has given me the experience, skills and temperament necessary to witness to such people. Indeed, I consider it a privilege and blessing that I'm given the opportunities to do so.

One has to be pretty thick-skinned to withstand the insults and mud that gets slung by people who immediately attack, when you tell them that you are a Christian. However, I leave it to the Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me, individually, with how to witness to each person. Some people may require years of patient ministering to, in order to bring them to Christ. It isn't up to me. Sometimes I may never see the fruit - but who knows if someone else may see it one day? It matters not to me to receive any praise or to glory in it. It gives me JOY to see one brought to Christ - whether I've had any hand in it or not. God's hand is ALWAYS in it. He is the only one to receive the GLORY and PRAISE.