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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
I knew someone would bring this up. It is also mentioned that Jacob (Israel) paid tithes in Abraham. This is a foreshadowing of the Law that was to come.

I have no objections to tithing, but to constrain Church members under a law, NO. Paul plainly taught that giving was not to be by constraint, when he asked for a gift. But in showing forth by those who were involved, the love of Christ that was in them.

So what was a law of tithing to Israel, is like the Sabbath law. It does not extend to Grace. But unfortunately, these huge Denominational Monoliths cannot exist without tithing.
I also meant to point that out. I see nothing wrong with someone giving 10% just like I see nothing wrong with having church on Saturday, wearing a coat and tie to church or a dozen other like things we could come up with. It's when you start trying to enforce these things on others that it becomes error.