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Bro. Samuel said: I have no objections to tithing, but to constrain Church members under a law, NO. Paul plainly taught that giving was not to be by constraint, when he asked for a gift. But in showing forth by those who were involved, the love of Christ that was in them.
Bro. Paul said: yet I constantly hear that the law still stands when it comes down to tithing. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
I see that giving your all is required in the NT but does the 10% rule still apply in the places where you assemble?
First thought: I've never heard any pastors I have any respect for preach that this is a law or a rule.

Second: Fast answer - No it doesn't still apply

Third: 10% can be a good starting place.

Fourth: My husband preaches a wonderful sermon on this very subject. I'll see if he can fish it out for me and let you know what he thinks