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Intresting question Paul...

My personal thoughts are that everything will come together rather smoothly. I can not give any definite answers since the future can not be seen but we do have Revelations to give us some ideas. I think first of all that WWIII (or whatever WWnumber it is at the time) will be a fight over land and religion. Since the anti-Christ will come on the seen I believe all religion will point to him. God will send a strong delusion and all wil believe thier Bible, Koran, etc. is talking of him. He will then remove all these reading materials and say since he is here they no longer need to read thier religious materials. Everyone will follow thier god happily until he puts and idol in front of them. The Jews will remember this was not what thier teaching taught and things will change come then.

As far as to what is in the really near future...well, it is hard to say.