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Oh and another thing:

Bro George you said:

Bob Jones University went through this "same posturing" decades ago, and they used the exact same "methods" (Christian College Professors, i.e. the "scribes") to convince ignorant Christians of their "loyalty" and "faithfulness" to God's Holy word. {But anyone who is familiar with the history of BJU knows better - NOW.}
Bro. Bill Grady who wrote "What Hath God Wrought" and "How Satan Turned America Against God" spoke at Crown College a few years ago and from the pulpit said that even Crown College will apostatize...If given enough years. He also blasted them on their KJO stand...Quite a humorous message and the comments by Clarence Sexton afterward is completely priceless! LoL

Crown didn't let him finish the rest of his meetings and tried to pay him off to keep quiet about it!!!

Perhaps you've seen it?