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The argument is one edition of the King James Bible said "he went into the city," and other editions said, "she went into the city." This purported problem is found in Ruth 3:15. This was one of my two questions that was not answered. My question was, "Which word is wrong (he or she) because the context reveals that BOTH went into the city (Ruth 4:1).
A better answer is that it is very likely that the translators had "she" at Ruth 3:15, but that the printers mistakenly set "he" in the first printing, which was immediately corrected in subsequent printings.

Our aim is not to try and recover or work out what the translators wrote, but to see that there has been a purification of the presentation, which does not ever contradict the spirit of the translators, nor does it constitute an actual change in the text and translation of the King James Bible.

On the other side, it is extremely dangerous to attempt to use the differences in historical editions of the KJB as proof that the KJB is somehow unstable or fallible. It is not.