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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post
actually Jen,

I never set a date. I really just added numbers and subtracted numbers according to our current time table Calender.

However I don't tell people this is a for sure event. so many times people do that and God proves them wrong. I know God could prove it wrong.

But if it were that close and you knew it what would you do? Sell you house? give all your possessions away?

I know I wouldn't. that is what the early church did and many ended up poor and destitute. Paul was commissioned to bring them money so they could survive.

No, live each day as if he will come and reach out to others with the word of God. Keep to your responsibilities of family like he wont return for 1000 years.

Actually I am not a date setter. Like I said it is amusing and speculative. Others use numbers to speculate or see great things in numbers God uses. this is no different.

Sorry I had such a strong response. I feel strongly about the issue. I know you aren't setting a date. Although I don't agree with trying to look for a possible date, it seems like the time is near. I think of how christians must have felt in times of heavy persecution in the past (and presently, in some parts of the globe). And during times when would be anti-christs have appeared on the world scene. I don't think we can say that the 7 year tribulation necessarily starts directly after the rapture (I'm not saying you think that, either) because everything would have to line up just right but we know we could be raptured at any moment.

I'm glad you bring up the fact that we should live each day as if He will come and reach out to others. I would covet your prayers that I would be given that boldness. I look forward to meeting you in glory someday.