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Originally Posted by Diligent View Post
Who is saying "he's not coming now?" Not me -- the person you are replying to. I said I believe the coming of Christ is imminent. Who is this person who is saying he can't come back before the 2011? Who dares limit Christ in that way?

I understand your point, but you are being highly technical by saying we can put a year on the return because Scripture only says we can't put a "day" or "hour" on it.

Look at it this way: by 2011, there will have been over 1900 years since the Lord was working his earthly ministry. That's over 7,600 "seasons." I don't think anybody should be nailing down a particular "season" just because he can "get away" with not saying what day during the season.

If 2012 comes without the return of Christ, what will you do with the false prophets that said he would return in 2011?
Brother Brandon,

I apologize if I spoke wrongly or if I supported something that you disagree with. One thing I wish to make clear: I'm not the one who PREDICTED the Fall 2011 date. I agree 100% that Christ could come ANY time. That is why I say it's POSSIBLE. I'm not a date-setter. You will never find me giving a time, day, month, season or year when the Lord will return. You are totally correct that 2012 could come and go by without the return of Christ.

I'm sorry if I said something that gave the wrong impression that I totally agreed with the date of Fall 2011. Saying that something MAY or COULD happen does not mean that it WILL. And I am not the type of person to be setting dates or following after someone who does that.

While it's possible that the Lord COULD return in 2011. It's also possible that He could return tomorrow or an undetermined number of years or "seasons" from now.

I didn't mean that I could put a year or a seaon on it. I wouldn't be so foolish to do that. People can speculate all they like - it doesn't mean that it will happen... nor that I agree it will happen.

I apologize if I said something wrong or if I seemed to agree with a date of 2011. I want to make it clear that I don't agree. The FACT remains that Christ told us only to WATCH and BE READY.

My concern is mostly for complacent Christians who think they have all the time in the world; therefore, they're not watching, nor will they be ready, if the LORD should return soon.

I apologize again if something that I wrote offended you. It was certainly not intentional. I have great respect for you and I love this forum and the blessed opportunity that it provides for me to fellowship with other KJV Bible believers.