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Default Hello......Looking For Help On Cremation

Howdy Folks................

I mentioned in my first post (- thread: a little experiment...........) that although being a newbie (howdy folks.....) as a poster, I've been lurking here for some time which is probably selfish on my part. The depth and knowledge that is with a willing heart provided here is just humbling. So a big thanks from this 'ol saved sinner to you guys who faithfully, scripturally----- stand and defend the Book.

Another reason for my post is to look for a little help if I can. As I noted in my previous post that being a disabled vet myself --- God putting me (allowing me) in a ministry to serve our veterans I had a guy ask me a question in our Friday Bible Study. Is it OK to be cremated..................? Now if I don't if I don't know the answer to a question or can put my finger on scripture I try to be honest enough to say I don't know.................and will get back, pray about it and ask for God to please reveal what it is I'm searching and/or go ask someone who knows better than me.

I know it was important not to leave Joseph's bones behind and we all know we're basically walking mud puddles--- God made Adam from the dust which is from the ground (earthy), the ground is and has a curse on it so everything goes back to the ground. We have a person (not just something) inside of us who enables that part of us that is already seated in glory--- when the flesh/body gives up...........takes us up while of course that part of us that is not saved goes to the grave (worm food). I've got guys anywhere from 62 up to 101 years of age who really don't want to be cremated because they think @ the rapture there's no body to call up (if their cremated) and their soul can't reunite with there body. Now please remember I have taught them otherwise...........but as we get up in age the mind ain't what it used to be.

We all know that our body is going to reunite with our soul (there's a zillion scriptures to support) knowing when Christ comes back as commander-in-chief were in that army following Him and also a good husband never leaves his wife behind! For us to ride a horse..........there's got to be a body (like that of Christ's) and those who will have the reward (conditional) of reigning in the Millennium will need something-- a body to reign in.

So is there scripture or scripture in type that one can offer on not to be cremated or does it even matter............? Just so you know a lot of the veterans there, etc. are cremated in part because they are there...........mostly forgotten, no shekels ($), yadda, yadda..........

Thanks folks..........