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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
Liberals do not like Joe,there has been a lot of discussion on other forums that i have been on. Crime would actually drop if there were more sheriffs like Joe,but bleeding heart's will not have it. Do i think Joe is doing right?Absolutely.
You know its bad when there is drug trafficing,murders and other crimes within the prison system. What a waste of Tax payers money,when these crimes have to be investigated.
Think of all the money spent on there healthcare. I hear people in public complain about people getting a so-called free ride off medicare because someone is on disability or whatever,but don't even stop to think they are paying for those inmates.
I am a believer,that if a person does a crime they give up there rights. The ACLU doesn't see it that way.
Pink underwear isn't going to hurt any of them.
I'm going to say that Joe's methods are good and will be around as long as Joe is around. I think being productive is the best thing for many prisoners and instills a work ethic, something many of them know nothing about. what does a person who cooks crank his whole life or smuggles and sells pot know about "work"?

When Joe is gone probably Joe's methods will be gone too. I think judging Joe by his methods is wrong and is judging according to the appearance as Jesus said not to, as with the animal thing, I think how many of Joe's prisoners go straight and don't become repeat offenders is the best way to judge him and make an opinion known. Examine his fruits. This country's judicial/penal system is substandard however in permanently branding people for life. You don't just lose your rights while incarcerated, you lose them forever. Which is in one way why you have so many repeat offenders. God forgives, American society don't. Our penal system is the Devil's Island practice of lock 'em away and forget 'em, making prisons here centers of torture and brutality.

Joe's methods on the outside appear good. What is his fruit? How many of his guests return? In liberal language, what is the recidivism rate? That is the only way to judge his methods, any other is mere ah ha, look at this silly cons voyeurism. Saving money is not enough, you don't become a subhuman if sent to the slammer.

Judge Sheriff Joe by his fruits.

Grace and peace


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