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Biblestudent and Peopleoftheway,


I also hate to hear about the same issue in the Philippines. It is as if the Islamic peoples of the world are taking over many nations via immigration. I am not a racist by any means, yet I do hold the fact that the religion of Islam is incompatible with any Christian based nation. I know God loves all people, white, black, yellow brown or red. sadly the Jews in Israel are doing the same thing,. This is just utter madness.


I like you understand people wanting better lives for themselves and their families. We have many people in Texas from Mexico. Mexicans are now the majority in the state of Texas. The vast majority of these immigrants also wish for better lives. I understand this, an not blame them for wanting a better life.

Here is the problem. You look around the world you will find what I am about to say as being true. Before you think I'm evil or a racist think this over. How may nations of non white, non oriental or non Jew population not 3rd world nation or close? Just take Israel for example. They have no oil, they have the smallest nation the mid east, yet they have a higher standard of living than any nation around them. Why is this? Look at North America. The USA and Canada are fine, yet as soon as you cross the Rio Grand River you hit a 3rd world nation, Mexico. Mexico has more natural resources than Japan. You look at Japan or South Korea. For some odd reason unless you have a White, Oriental or Jewish population the odds or your nation being a 1st world nation are very small indeed. I do not know why this is, but this is just the way it is. I do know if God set it up this way or what. This just seems to be the way it is.